Why Experience Matters

Members of the association known as Registered Master Inspectors® (RMI®) are career property inspection professionals. Registered Master Inspectors inspect property day in and day out, year after year in all weather conditions. 


They love their work and are dedicated to the visual identification and documentation of property defects for the sole benefit of you, without prejudice or bias.


Properties of similar age and build type often have similar defects, and this is one area where the experience of a Registered Master Inspector will prove invaluable. They already know what to look for and target areas of properties that repeatedly fail and become defective over time.


A typical Registered Master Inspector has crawled through thousands of sub-floors and ceiling spaces, inspected thousands of cladding and roof systems and thousands of sites, retaining, decking and fencing. 


It all amounts to vast experience that you can rely on for straight forward, experienced based advice you can depend on. 


Engage a Registered Master Inspector for your property inspection and see for yourself why experience matters.